What You Can And Cannot Do During CoVid-19 Circuit Breaker

Singapore Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

Singapore announced the Circuit Breaker for the CoVid-19 on last Friday (3rd April 2020), it had mentioned that only essential services and can remain in operation from 7th April 2020 to 4th May 2020.

First of all, you can refer to the list of essential services that are allowed to remain operational.

Beside essential services, there is also a list of tighter measures ranging from our daily lifestyle and also workplaces. The schools will be close as well and turning to home-based learning.

We are currently into the second day of the circuit breaker period, are you aware of the measures on what we can do and not supposed to do?



Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages during singapore circuit breaker

The F&B outlets, coffee shops, food court etc are open during the circuit breaker period. However, we cannot dine in during this period from 7th April onwards. We are only allowed to order takeaway or delivery.

You can also use food delivery services such as Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood to order your meals.




automotive industry during circuit breakerNow let’s find out how it impacts the automotive users in Singapore during this period.

The workshops that provide repairing services are still open during the circuit breaker period as it is classified as essential services.

However, services such as car grooming, regular servicing, etc are considered as non-essential services and had to remain close.

The workshops are to practice good personal hygiene, personnel to wear a mask, operating at minimum capacity and also having appointment arrangements only. The COE bidding exercises are also suspended.

Now for the good news, the ERP gantries are not going to be operational during this period.



Shopping And Lifestyle

measures of covid19 to lifestyle and retails in singapore

If you are planning to go shopping, you will be disappointed that most retail shops are closed except for essential services such as barbers, vets, and supermarkets, etc.

You are allowed to buy your necessary groceries and go home immediately. The hair salon is open for a haircut only, other services such as perming, colouring, etc is not allow.

For those who have pets, the pets supplies shop will still be open but no grooming or non-essential services are allowed. The vets will also be open for emergency cases, non-elective services, including hospitalisation.

We are also not supposed to go for house visit or any other gatherings. You can only visit your elderly parents if they need assistance with their daily needs etc.

All Singapore Pools outlets will also be closed during this period as they are not considered as essential services.



Sports & Recreational

singapore covid19 circuit breaker for sports

All sports stadiums will be closed. The public swimming pools, public sports halls, private gyms and fitness studios will be closed as well. The country clubs are also closed, and Singapore’s 15 golf courses are out of bounds during this period.

You also cannot go for group recreational activities, you are only allowed to exercise with another individual that is staying at the same house as you.

Read The Strait Times for more details and updates of what you can do and not do during the CoVid-19 Circuit Breaker.

We hope that the CoVid-19 situation will improve with all these measures.

We hope that you will stay indoor during the Circuit Breaker period and do not go out unnecessary.

Stay united, stay safe and do take care.

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