Soup Spoon Turns Halal

Soup Spoon Turns Halal

Soup Spoon Turns Halal Certified, read the article below to find out what are they serving.

Are you having a craving for hot soup to help you get out of the cold weather?

Look no further as Soup Spoon has all the answers to your craving.

Soup Spoon had finally got their halal certificate by MUIS as one of the halal food providers in Singapore.

Soup Spoon has twenty-six outlets, and all of them will be halal certified on 1 June. If you walk into any of the outlets, you will get see the halal certificates hanged or displayed in the stores as from 4 June.

In case you do not know what does Soup Spoon serve, their idea is that the soup can be regarded as being something to eat on its own which are made from fresh and healthy ingredients. The soups are very nutritious, yummy, and they can make you get full.

Previously, they had halal-certified take away soups packages in some of the supermarkets. It has been improved, and it is better now as you can eat dinner in any of their outlets as well.

The strong aspiration of bringing the culture together led to this decision of bringing it to be halal certified.

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What is on the menu?


soup spoon halal SG Chicken and Mushroom


Are you wondering what the menu entails?

You can get all the eight all-time favorite soups. One of the soups on the list is SG chicken and mushroom. They have well-off and watery stew, and it is filled with a mix of a marinated chunk of chicken pieces, herbs, and 6 different types of mushroom.

The Soup Spoon does not miss most of the traditional soups, for instance, Boston Clam Chowder, Beef Goulash, and Roasted Pumpkin as well.

You can choose how you want your soup to be served in Soup Spoon. You can decide to have it in a pot pie or bread bowl in case you don’t want them to serve you in the standard conventional bowl.




For The Mushroom Lovers

If you love mushroom, then you should try this Velvety Mushroom Stronganoff. This is a Russian-inspired dish that is mixed together of mushrooms and herbs that make it broad and also chunky.


Velvety Mushroom Stronganoff by Soup Spoon
Photo taken from Soup Spoon’s website


What else does Soup Spoon offer beside Soup?

That is not all; they have other six outlets known as The Soup Spoon Unions’ that had three other shops incorporated. These shops are The Salad Fork’, The Handburger and The Grill Knife.

If you want grilled meat, then you can find it at Grill Knife as it specializes in that. Hand-crafted burgers are served at The Handburger.

The Salad Fork lets you as a customer to choose from over the 30 ingredients. You can have it in the form of a salad or get it as a wrap.

These can give you some better alternatives if you are not an admirer of soup.

Having its 26 outlets in Singapore, enjoying their soup has been made easy. You can have soup and even grilled-meat with your friends.


Mark this date down…

Starting from 4th June to 25th July, they will introduce six more limited Souperchef specials. Some of the soup flavors are Buttery Tikka Masala, Budae Jjigae, and Moroccan style Tagine.

Share the information with your friends and also plan for a meeting in any of the outlets of Soup Spoon.

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