6 Recommended Halal Certified Catering Services in Singapore

7 Halal Catering in Singapore


Hari Raya is coming in about a week. There will be a lot of house visiting and gathering going around during this period. You might even decide to have a family gathering but do not have time to prepare the meals or do not know what to prepare for your guests?

There are so many Halal Caterers nowadays in Singapore as such you do not need to worry of unable to find a suitable caterer for your event, there will definitely be one that suits your budget and your requirements.

We have selected a few caterers that are Halal-Certified for you to choose that can help you to save time.

Take a look below on our recommendation of the Top 6 Halal Certified caterers in Singapore, which is specially selected for you.


1. Elsie’s Kitchen


Elsie's Kitchen Halal Catering
Photo From Elsie’s Kitchen Website


Elsie’s Kitchen had been providing authentic Asian cooking since 1954, they provide a wide range of local and heritage delicacies. You can choose a menu of traditional and modern classics created by their chefs.

They offer a wide range of packages for different events such as wedding, buffet and baby full month. Do remember to give their otah and laksa a try.

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2. Lita’s Delights


Lita's Delight's Halal Catering in Singapore
Photo From Lita’s Delights Facebook


Lita’s Delights is the new kid on the block in the Singapore food catering industry that started a few years ago. Despite been new in the industry, they had got some great reviews for their authentic homemade Muslim food.

They provide various delicacies and finger food that are great for small size party and gathering at an affordable price. You must definitely try their curry puffs and probably the tastiest in town.

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3. Sakura Forte Catering
Sakura Forte Catering
Photo From Sakura Forte Facebook Page


Sakura Forte Catering is different from many other caterers in Singapore. Their feature service offers a live station whereby their chef cooks the food for you and your guests. It includes Tempura, Charcoal Grill, Teppanyaki, Sashimi Stations and more.

Besides that, it also offers a wide variety of menus from regular buffets, mini buffet, wedding and more. Do give them a try!

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4. Stamford Catering


Stamford Catering
Photo From Stamford Catering Website


Stamford Catering had been providing catering services for over 2 decades. They provide various catering needs for different events.

With their rich experience in the industry, Stamford Catering will be a great choice for your catering needs. They offer a wide spread of menu at an affordable price for your celebrations and more.

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5. Sakunthala


Sakunthala catering services
Photo from Sakunthala’s Website


Are you a fan of Indian food and Chinese food? Then you must try Sakunthala, they provide a range of wonderful dishes that are Indian-Chinese fusion that will satisfy your craving for Indian or Chinese food.

Sakunthala aims to provide the best quality of food to its customers at an affordable price. The ingredients that they use are also handpicked by the chef to ensure giving the customers the best experience and the freshest delicacies.

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6. Mum’s Kitchen


Mum's Kitchen
Photo From Mum’s Kitchen Website


Mum’s Kitchen offers a wide selection of Local, Internation and other Asian delicacies. They offer a different range of buffet packages that suits everyone. Your guests and yourself with definitely be pampered with their fresh ingredients used for their dishes.

If you are engaging their services, do remember to try their signature dishes like Nonya Laksa and Signature Mee Siam.

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We hope the above 6 recommendations can help you in planning your events and save you the hassle of searching for Halal certified catering services.

Know of a good place for food or fun, recommend it by leaving your comments below or connect with us here.

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