Customize Your Car With Car Body Wrapping

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Car spray painting vs. car body wrap – An overview

Changing the appearance of the car is among the top-of-the-head thoughts of any car owner. If you are planning to redo your car’s color, you are likely to face crossroads when the time comes to select between car wrap and car paint.

Undoubtedly, a car wrap is taking over the vehicle industry owing to the rapid increase in its hype, but you must make an informed decision if the choice of car paint is also present.

So, how will you decide which type of car customization technique is most suitable for you? Here is a quick comparison of car wrap and car paint to help you choose one:



Ease of Application

Whenever you decide to change the color of your car, the first question to answer is how to do it? Here, several factors, such as time of application, duration of curing, and ease of application are involved.

When it comes to car painting, the time and ease of application majorly depend upon the type of pain your pick. In most cases, the old paint coat is removed followed by a new coat application. Usually, more than one paint coats are done on the car’s exterior to ensure uniformity.

A suitable drying period has to be provided to the consecutive coats, or you risk damaging the appearance. At an average, car painting will cost you as little as three days or as much as three weeks of time.

As far as car wraps are concerned, they take way lesser time than car paint. The application process is also easier, which mainly comprises upon washing and drying the car’s exterior and then placing the wrap over the car’s surface using an adhesive. The drying process takes only three days at most.



Durability and Maintenance

The durability of car paint is directly dependant on the type of paint you use. Cheaper paints last for only a couple of years, whereas the high-end ones can serve you for a lifetime.

Paint is susceptible to wear and tear via UV rays, environmental hazards, and mechanical impacts such as scratches. Similarly, they require a lot of maintenance as regular washing and cleaning of the car is needed in order to keep the paint in the best form.

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Speaking of car wraps, they last from 2 to 10 years depending upon the wrap location and color. Decreased durability is justified by lower pricing as compared to car paints. When it comes to maintenance, maintenance covers as much as cleaning the surface using a damp cloth.

Keeping in mind the fact that car wraps are much easier to remove and replace, you do not have to worry about damaging the outlook of your car due to dirt or any external hazards.

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