4 Ceramic Coating Myths Debunked

Ceramic Coating Myth


Ceramic Coating had grown its popularity in car detailing market in Singapore. We will be looking into the common myths of ceramic coating.

Just like any other object, a car needs protection like coating to lengthen its life. But there are so many coating companies in the market that leave consumers with contradicting information about different kinds of coating.

Some use bad marketing techniques for making other services look bad when compared to their services. As a result, you might end up making a poor decision when choosing a coating service provider.

This article gives you an insight into the roaming myths of ceramic coating versus the actual facts about it, to aid in you in decision making:


1. The coating will last forever

The idea that the ceramic coating lasts forever is just over-crediting the coat. The ceramic coat may well be termed as semi-permanent rather than permanent. The coating forms a strong bond with the car surface but this doesn’t imply that it’s everlasting.

The ceramic coat will save you from waxing your car every month but it doesn’t absolutely rid you of the responsibility of maintaining your car. You might be required to reapply the coating every 2 to 3 years.

As you use the car, things like dirt, salt, the sun, and other environmental conditions are a threat to the ceramic coating. Besides, nothing in this world is so unique that it lacks a life expectancy.


2. The coating will only peel off when it gets old

Can you even believe that a coating can only start to peel when it ages?

The ceramic coating is thin but it strongly bonds with your, thou not permanently. There is this myth that the ceramic coating will start to peel off when it gets old. This is not true.

In actual sense, when the coating ages and starts to fail, you’ll not even see it peeling off. The only way to know that the ceramic coating is failing is by looking at its beading and dirt shedding qualities. If you see that it is getting poor, it’s time you need to do some maintenance.




3. Your car will stay clean forever


ceramic coating myth debunked


One thing that people have gone terribly wrong with is thinking that they will never wash their car once they get it coated. Every coated car, as long as it is used frequently, must get dirty. It doesn’t mean that because your car is ceramic coated, it will never get dirty.

The more you don’t wash, the more the dirt accumulates. There exists no magic coating that absorbs dirt and leaves your car looking ever neat. The coat only means that you will use less effort when washing and that you might wash less frequently.


4. Your car will never scratch

You must have heard people hailing about the scratch resistance of ceramic coatings. You could even have seen adverts where people scratch their vehicles using small metallic objects or keys. Ceramic coating websites have lots of such information; some even have videos to prove.

If so, never buy such information. It’s completely false. You cannot see the true state of your car unless you have an inspection light or you are in direct sunlight. You might not see simple scratches with your simple eyes, and this is where the lie becomes strong.

Note that the ceramic coating is thin and can only offer protection from minor scratches. This does mean that the coat is so fragile. You can move around the bush as you find your way to the major road but then know that you cannot go messing everywhere and have your car in good shape.

The coat is not too thick to protect against heavy impacts. As you drive, keep in mind that the coating is not very helpful with rock pebbles and chips. Fortunately, even if you get a visible scratch on your car, the ceramic coat can be reapplied, leaving your car with the look similar to the one it had originally.

We hope the above information can help you in understanding about ceramic coating and make a better decision for your car detailing.

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