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Nissan EPower Serena Review

Nissan Serena ePower MPV bangs the sales records

Ever since the need for eco-friendly vehicles has called upon the manufacturers, several innovative technologies have hit the market. Boasting tons of new features with minor alterations, electric and hybrid power trains are leading the eco-friendly automotive sales every day.

Keeping this in view, Nissan has also stepped in the ring of creating eco-friendly models. In recent news, the automotive manufacturer is introducing e-Power electrified Powertrain in Nissan Serena minivan. The Nissan Serena ePower MPV is an embodiment of class and efficiency as it thoroughly delivers countless Nissan Serena ePower benefits.

The mention of e-Power is intriguing enough to entice the loyal zealots of the automotive industry. As far as recognition is concerned, the e-power powertrain was awarded the Technology of the Year Award 2019 by the Automotive RJC Japan. That being said, we cannot help but learn more about what this new Minivan has got in store for us.

Let’s dive in to learn more about the new Nissan Serena MPV, shall we?

What is ePower?

nissan e power engine

Simply put, ePower is a new technology that combines the efficiency of an electric motor with a gasoline engine.

If you are wondering what an electric motor has got to do with a gasoline engine, here is the answer: Power reception. The electric motor is connected to the wheels, and it drives the car by utilizing the power sourced from the battery which is powered by the gasoline engine.

What is the benefit of this system, you ask? It eliminates the need for charging by using charging ports.




Nissan Serena ePower benefits:

Nissan ePower technology is a complete package that boasts countless benefits for car owners and manufacturers.

If you are wondering just how the Nissan Serena ePower benefits are going to work in your favor, here are some points to help you out:


Cordless charging

Unlike the traditional electric minivans, the Nissan Serena ePower does not require a cord for charging.

Since the motor is already connected to the batteries which are powered by a gasoline engine, there is no need to join the car with any port.

All you need to do is keep the gasoline engine filled, and the rest will be done on its own.

Impressive Power

Although the Nissan Serena ePower MPV is not an electric vehicle purely, it is designed to deliver a smooth acceleration like an EV.

You will be surprised to experience such a responsive drive with the new Nissan Serena. Massive torque, enhanced driver response, quiet system operation, and efficient engine output is everything that makes Nissan Serena ePower stand out from the crowd.

The Nissan ePower technology gives a fierce competition to conventional hybrids in terms of fuel efficiency and saves much for your daily commutes around the town.




Innovative technology

As far as the Nissan ePower technology is concerned, the fully electric motor drive is the outcome of the EV technology Nissan has refined in its Nissan LEAF.

The high output battery used in this car is charged by using the gasoline engine. Therefore, the need for an external charger is eliminated while maintaining the performance and driving quality of an actual EV.


Bigger Motor, lesser weight

Although the motor used in the car is much bigger than the conventional motors, the manufacturer has worked smartly to reduce weight.

Nissan has actively addressed the issue of bigger motors which cannot be fit in compact cars by breaking down the system into a smaller battery than the conventional EV batteries.

Learn more about the Nissan E-Power engine from the video below.


Nissan Serena ePower MPV Engine – Powerful

Undoubtedly, Nissan Nissan Serena ePower MPV offers an innovative system of motor and battery power.

Speaking of the engine power, the car is bestridden with a 3.5-liter engine. You can experience smooth driving at a constant speed of 26.2 Km/L with this minivan.


Nissan Serena ePower MPV Driving experience – Comfortable and fun

nissan epower seating

Although cordless charging and unbeatably smooth performance are two of the major perks delivered by Nissan, the minivan also boasts powerful acceleration and the semi-autonomous driving system.

This system dictates the convenience of an automatic shift in speed to accelerate or decelerate the car by using the same acceleration pedal. As a result, drivers can experience a 70% decrease in driving stress. Moreover, the semi-autonomous ProPilot system has the capability of driving the car in one lane on the highway.




Nissan Serena ePower MPV Performance – Noiseless

If you are a driver who is frustrated by the excessively noisy car engines, the new Nissan Serena ePower offers you a noiseless operation.

Prepare yourself to witness an optimized engine management system that effectively reduces the noise of the car. Thus, you can experience a noise-free and seamless driving experience with this new minivan.


Nissan Serena ePower MPV Design – Improved Aerodynamics

nissan epower serena

If you are wondering whether the new minivan is as good in its aesthetics as it is on the engine power, let me tell you that the car is a complete package in every manner.

The spacious interior is complemented with the cerulean accents which are finely installed in the cabin.

As far as the exterior of the car is concerned, we have new LED lights and blue accents on the grille. We also have an improved wheel version and an upgraded aerodynamic design.




Nissan E-Power Serena Pricing In Singapore

The new Nissan E-Power Serena is coming to Singapore. The COE will be in the VES Banding B category.

The Nissan Singapore website had listed the price for the Nissan E-Power Serena entry model at $140,800 which is valid till 9th Oct 2019, 12 pm.

So far, the new Nissan Serena ePower MPV looks as good as the imagination. Would you like to try it next?

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