Hybrid Car Vs Mild Hybrid Car

Hybrid Vs Mild Hybrid

Understanding the differences between hybrid car and mild hybrid car

As hybrid vehicles spread like a wildfire in the automotive world, modified hybrid vehicle trends are emerging in the automotive world.

Currently, more car companies in Singapore are introducing mild-hybrid models such as the Mazda 3 and the Audi A4. You must be wondering what is the difference between a hybrid car and a mild hybrid car.

Let’s learn more about the technology difference between both of them.



Hybrid Car

Also known as Full Hybrid or Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), these cars are hailed as one of the most primitive renditions of the electric car range. Since it is already established that hybrid car uses a battery-powered electric motor in combination with a gasoline engine to drive the vehicle, the mechanics of the engine make all the major difference for the vehicle.

If you dig in further, you will find that a pure hybrid car is the one which is an equal combination of two propulsion sources that work simultaneously to deliver the most efficient performance possible at any given time. In these cars, the electric motor works well to assist the car in generating more power when driving up the hills. Due to the power boost provided by the electric motor, the combustion of fuel is reduced which is the ultimate goal of using hybrid vehicles.

As far as the driving mode of the hybrid vehicles is concerned, most of the hybrid cars offer a complete switching between the electric driving mode and gas engine driving mode. You can turn off the gas engine and drive the car solely on electric power for a brief period.

toyota prius hybrid cars

Power and mechanics

A built-in generator is responsible for generating power which is later stored in a battery. The major distinction of hybrid cars lies in the fact that these vehicles rely solely on the on-board power and there is no option to plug in the car for charging.


When it comes to hybrid vehicles, the question of switching between electric mode and fuel-powered mode often arises. Unlike the common misconception that the driver is in full control of switching between the driving modes, the driver select modes only allow fine-tuning of operation which is actually controlled by the car’s inbuilt system at the core. In simpler words, you can say that the whole process of blending powers and switching drivetrains is fully automated, invisible and seamlessly done within the vehicle’s on-board computer system. It is true that hybrid cars can propel fully upon the electric driving mode, gasoline mode or a combination of both modes at a given moment.

Performance and fueling

As a hybrid car owner, you will have to refuel the gasoline engine depending upon the vehicle’s needs. Since these cars are designed to limit fuel consumption by compensating power demand with electric power, hybrid cars are much more efficient and eco-friendly than their conventional gasoline-fueled counterparts. Moreover, these cars have a driving range of many hundred kilometers which is further supported by an increase in torque and power from two power sources.

Some common examples of purely hybrid vehicles are the Toyota Prius and Kia Niro.



Mild Hybrid Car

Mild Hybrid cars are also known as Light Hybrid cars. These cars are a mediation between the fully hybrid vehicles and a conventional gasoline vehicle. The major difference between the mild hybrid car and other two vehicle types lies in the fact that it has a smaller battery and smaller motor-generator. In this case, the motor-generator only boosts the gasoline engine’s performance rather than working parallel with it.

It is true that mild hybrid vehicles are not a great option if you are looking for a dramatic increase in performance and fuel efficiency. However, these cars are a good option if you are looking for a boost in conventional performance and decrease in fuel use.

Audi A4 Mild Hybrid


Power and Mechanics

Sitting in the center of a mild hybrid car is a small-sized motor which turns the engine off when you apply brakes or stop the car altogether. The engine is also stopped in case of coasting. Moving on, the motor restarts the engine quickly and seamlessly in driving conditions. Mild hybrids lack the pure hybrid powertrains in terms of the fact that they do not have the same fuel efficiency and same battery storage capacity.

Another major difference between pure hybrid cars and mild hybrid cars lies in the driving modes. Unlike the hybrid cars, the mild hybrid cars cannot be driven solely on battery power. However, you can install a small batter to compensate for the power lack and go solely on the electric power mode.


One of the most important benefits of motor-generator of mild hybrid cars is that in case of high power demand, the generator offers a boost in torque and driving output. Thus, it offers more power without burning any extra fuel. The motor-generator is charged by the gasoline engine when the car is in coasting or cruising mode. You can also turn the gasoline engine off while braking or stopping on signals to reduce fuel consumption.


Lesser cost is one of the most highlighter performance advantages of mild hybrid cars. Moreover, mild hybrid cars are way lesser complicated than pure hybrid vehicles, have smaller batteries and much more straightforward components. The driving range is usually in hundreds of kilometers.

However, you must note that mild hybrid cars have gasoline as the main propulsion source.

In a mild hybrid, drivers get reduced fuel consumption and improved power to a lesser degree than a full hybrid, but at a much lower cost, because mild hybrid vehicles are less complicated, use smaller batteries, and have fewer complex components.]

In a mild hybrid, the primary propulsion source is gasoline – meaning that the driving range is on par with a conventional vehicle, or typically, hundreds of kilometers.

We hope this article had helped you further understand what is the difference between hybrid and mild hybrid cars. We also hope it will help you with your car selection.

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