7 Awesome Tips On How To Sleep Better While Traveling

Travel Hacks: 6 Awesome Tips To Help You Sleep Better While You Travel

If you have an issue in sleeping during travel, these 7 sleeping tips are for you.

Do you have trouble sleeping when you travel?

Well, to be honest, most of us do encounter problem sleeping in a new place or hotel especially on the first night.

Travelling can be full of excitement and fun but at the same time it can be very hectic and it can disrupt your entire routine.

To avoid fatigue and to kill time while traveling, it is considered best to spend the trip sleeping. But the question arises how can one sleep better while traveling?

We search through the web and found these top tips about how to sleep better while traveling.

Here are a few tips that can help you pull the snooze button during your bumpy journey:

1) Stay Awake in Advance To Induce Drowsiness

The most basic tip to help find yourself sleepy during a traveling journey is to keep yourself awake, a night or two before and trick your sleep cycle, forcing yourself to fall asleep while traveling; if you’re tired enough you won’t even notice where the journey went!

2) Listen To Some Soothing Songs

This is a rather therapeutic approach that might not work on everyone but it sure helps calm those travel nerves.

You can plug in your headphones or air pods and play some soothing melodies to induce drowsiness.




3) Lavender Scent

How about some aromatherapy?

The lavender scent is known for its natural benefits in treating insomnia. Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to cure many problems and especially to relieve stress, a lot of research is being done in this field and it has been found helpful for many people.

So it’s safe to say that pulling out some lavender essential oil or lavender-scented candles, can help you sleep better during a long, tiring trip.

4) Use Neck Pillow

sleep better during travel tips 1 bring own pillow

A person’s best friend when on a long flight is a comfy neck pillow. It’s often quite difficult to find the right sleeping position or a place to rest your neck when trying to sleep in a plane.

A neck pillow can do wonders in helping you sleep better right where you are and avoid unwanted cramps and jerks. You can also consider bringing your own travel pillow to be used in the hotel room too.

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5) Breathing Exercises

Practice some breathing exercises. There are certain breathing exercises that can help you fall asleep faster and more peacefully.

It’s good to practice these before your journey and then try them while traveling for a more satisfying travel nap.

6) No Smart Devices Before Sleep

no screen time before sleep

A recent study of sleep sabotage had shown that using smart devices such as smartphones or tablets might cause sleep disorder especially if you are using it in the dark before sleep.

The best advisable timing to stop using these devices is after 9 pm. If you want t fall asleep easily, stop your movie or even playing a mobile game at that timing. You might want to replace these activities with things such as reading a book.

7) Melatonin

If all else fails, intake a safe amount of melatonin and rest those eye sacks until your destination has arrived.

Oral intake is obviously not highly recommended so one should try other methods first and see what works. However, inducing sleep is a tricky business and what works for one person might not work for another.

Taking melatonin should be done under proper supervision and with prescription so consult your physician first, for dosage and recommendation.

However, there are certain food items that naturally contain melatonin and can help induce drowsiness and are safe to intake.

A few such food items include cucumbers and olives as for fruits grapes contain melatonin and some nuts such as walnuts and peanuts contain a good amount of melatonin as well as sunflower seeds.

These are much safer unless of course you are allergic to these items, in which case plug in some calming melodies and grab that neck pillow and enjoy the ride!

We hope these 7 tips can help you in sleeping better while you having a holiday.

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